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How Search Engine Feed Marketing use in sales

Search engine feed marketing plays a key role in e-commerce sales. Over 60% of the product sales was achieved with search engine based on organic search placement in SERP results/ Search adwords/ Search network ads. Compared to display network ads, affiliate marketing, content marketing, search engine feed have bounty of visitors. Data feeds for search engine marketing also have huge customers to enter the platform. Compared to all other marketing technologies, it was a traditional. In the olden days of 2000, these technologies were implemented with Google and yahoo search engines. For ecommerce platforms, various marketing techniques are available based on the platforms which they are provided with the official plug-in or extensions, but some important aspects like analysis and technical are missing. But “Our Brand Name” provides these additional support to toggle over the shopping cart to perfect customers. Some of the important aspects to use search engine feed marketing for e-commerce are,

Plenty of visitors.

Reach right customer target.

High conversion rate.

Target based on demography

Target based on categories.

Search engine sales important elements are google shopping feed and bing shopping feed. google feed or google product feed which was provided to google merchant center to improve the product visibility and branding. When the product details was appeared in the google product listing ads it was generated new kind of product identity to the peoples.

Same as well as in bing product search which was run with bing shopping ads or bing product ads when the product details appeared in the results it was the new identity to the bing users. These ads are managed by bing shopping feed.

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Perfect place for search engine data feed solution. we reached 230% sales increase in google merchat centre - Gloria

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