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Comprehensive Analytics

After completing the data feed optimization and categorization of a product, the comprehensive analysis is essential to reduce the cost of feed ads. So here our panel will carry out various test process to produce comprehensive analysis for the e-commerce data product feeds.

A/B testing.

Bidding strategy.

Google Analytics reports.

These strategies are used to control the following stuffs related to data feed for e-commerce.

Cost per click for ads.

CTR Analysis.

Conversion rate.

Ad ranking.


When the optimization is faultlessly done, the CPC for the product feed get reduce from over costing. As a result, we always analyze this field for more optimization and control the budget. When the CTR (click through rate) is maintained 2-3% based on the category for the e-commerce feed management generally for search network ads, CTR range 3 - 4.5% and for the display network CTR range 1 – 2%. The conversation rate is taken into account based on the above CTR and CPC because reducing the cost for the product feeds to lead the advertisement is simply trouble-free. The above listed costing elements, which are covered in to ad ranking, is listed in to 5 sections namely ranking1, ranking 2, ranking 3, ranking 4, ranking 5. Based on the ad places, the ad ranking is categorized. The following elements are the most vital stuff to maintain the ad ranking for product feed management.

Product title.

Product Description.

Keyword Target.

Landing Page.

CPC & Budget.

Impression report is generated based on the search engine system, example for google it is generated by adwords system. Impression is related to CPC, CPM and CTR. If the CTR gets reduced, the CPC gets increased and conversion rate also gets affected.

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