"Our Data Feed Strength"

1+ years Best Service

10+ Countries

500+ Customers

Various Platforms

Awarded team for handling specific field for e-commerce product data feed management. Best product data feed management solution for custom e-commerce platform.

Why “Datafeedware”?

“Datafeedware” handled 500+ customers from 10+ various countries in the most recent 1 years of best service. We offer high range of product data feed management for various platforms like

Price comparison website
Paid search affiliates
Affiliate networks

We have unique panel to analyze and optimize e-commerce product feed for each one of the platforms. “Datafeedware” have feed analyzer, feed optimization, testing, uploading and technical support in our panel. Compared to all other automation tools for shopping cart product feed service or management, Our panel have better technical analysis regarding search engine SERP listing algorithm and other platform ranking factors. So our panel members provide the best technical solutions to triumph over the challenger listing.

Our Team

Datafeedware has separate panel for handling each and every technical aspects, based on the podium and patron requirement.

Karthik (Founder)

Sakthi (Senior Manager)

Vignesh (Marketing)

Praveen (Support)

Our Expertise

Our panel is expertise in strategy & analysis for e-commerce product data feed management.

Quality Service

Improvements in e-commerce platform Feed data quality, CPC, CTR, Conversion rate with e-commerce feeds

Our Methodology

Our feed solution based on E-commerce platform, Category, Number of products, Target demography, Budget level


About Datafeedware

E-commerce product data feed solutions for search engine, marketplaces and comparison shopping engine.


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Perfect place for search engine data feed solution. we reached 230% sales increase in google merchat centre - Gloria

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