Amazon & Bing Product Feed Management System

api, xml, csv and txt format product feed updates

Why Marketplace feed management?

Marketplace feed management is simply known as listing store products in 3rd party places. The product is always listed based on the category. Marketplace is the 3rd largest traffic driven source for e-commerce platform. Nearly 35% of traffic source are driven from the marketplace sites. So various marketing strategy and techniques are handled to generate lead in this field. The following ways are used to target the marketplace sites.

We are offering amazon & bing marketplaces feed management under api, xml, txt and csv formats, based on the method you can optimize your data and feed in various intervals.

Display ads.

Product data feed management.

In this, data feed management is done by both automatic and manual process. Based on the e-commerce platform, various plug-ins and extensions are available to handle the feed..

Display advertisements

It is a general advertisement concept for the 3rd party websites. The display advertisements are used to reach the market place directly, while you are looking for digital marketing.

But when compared to the feed management, display advertisements are not much more lucrative for e-commerce management. While processing the display advertisement in adwords, you won’t be able to fix. Only few sites will show your ads because wherever the provided keyword is used in those places, the advertisement may be loaded in e-commerce platform, forums, or blogs based on the related content.

Feed Management in market place

The source for product data is xml, txt, or csv file format, which is generated with e-commerce platform. That feed is linked to the marketplace sites for product digital marketing. Product feed contains the product unique details with product basic information’s and inventory details. While comparing to the other advertisement solutions, it have the following advantages

Low price.

Unproblematic to manage.

Incessant product update.

Effective marketing.

Intelligent friend or reliable friend.

Easily Modify Data.

Handle with Product Variations.

Large amount of product data is updated to the market place easily.

In market place, the listing is handled based on CPM, CPC or based on product conversion or sales.

Demographic & category wise target.

Analysis and optimization is easy.

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