SSL certificate

ssl certificate small data files bind a crytographic key to orignization's details. when it was installed to the web server padlock activates over the port 443 then it allowed the secure connections and protect. ssl most used in e-commerce to secure credit card transactions, user login details and data transfer. ssl certificate which bind all together domain name, server name with organization name.

before going to install need to analysis the e-commerce site where ever the site data passing to 3rd party integration or data from 3rd party websites. the root certificate need to implement to the server for end user. if it not trusted th web browser provide the error message to predict the user. when it e-commerce portal the user result in to lack of confifence or risk losing their confident in that.

SSL have following secure things:

Ensures the identity of a remote computer.

Proves your identity to a remote computer.

Ensures software came from software publisher.

Protects software from alteration after publication.

Protects e-mail messages.

Allows data to be signed with the current time.

Allows data on disk to be encrypted.

Allows secure communication on the Internet.

Permits all key usage policies.

OCSP Signing.

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