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Datafeed Optimization Process - Feed Optimization

  • Sector

    Personalized gifts

  • Business Type

    Shopping cart

  • Turn Over

    < 75,000 $

  • Platform


    Services Used

  • Google Merchant

Datafeed Optimization Process - Feed Optimization


Our client is a neighboring and nationwide recognized retail organization specializing in socks and reached us to gain the following requirements and we turned their Ecommerce business around 2 months.

  • To boost online orders
  • To prove that organic SEO could be a leading contributor of online sales.
  • To raise the average order value.

SEO Strategy:

  • Fixing technical barriers that were preventing accurate conversions reporting.
  • Providing managed SEO services and reporting.
  • Creating bespoke content for main pages, category & product pages.
  • Presenting suggestions for product pairings to increase average order value.

SEO Issues:

  • Lack of unique content.
  • Keywords.

SEO Proceedings:

  • Keyword research has been done in depth.
  • We scrutinized to develop product descriptions for every product.
  • We provided intelligible and relevant content.
  • We formatted & mapped each meta title & description as per the specifications of Google.
  • We broadened their content to accurately describe each product and to incorporate potential search queries.


  • Visits increased 218%.
  • Orders increased 1453%.
  • Revenue increased 1342%.
  • Ecommerce Conversion Rate increased 610.12%.


  • Orders increased 990%.
  • Revenue increased 1499.67%.
  • Ecommerce Conversion Rate increased 1467.48 %.

Data Feed Optimization Process:

  • We positioned our client in the Merchant Center using their Google base data feed.
  • We mapped & configured the feed as per the requirements of Google Shopping.
  • We went through the feed by making sure that all the necessary information’s was present.
  • Next we fleshed out the product data.
  • Research was done to ensure whether the keywords are unique, popular and meets Google requirements.
  • After uploading keyword rich data, our panel have a close look on each campaign while tracking and reports the important metrics like transaction, clicks, costs & ROAS to clients via spreadsheets.

DFO Upshots:

Within 2 months, our clients renowned some incomparable results.

  • A Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) of 418.2%
  • A New Visit Rate of 85.1%
  • 65% of their total transactions came from PLAs.

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