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Google shopping ads provide better ROI

  • Sector

    Food items

  • Business Type

    Shopping cart

  • Turn Over

    < 125,000 $

  • Platform

    Big commerce

    Services Used

  • Google Shopping

Google shopping ads provide better ROI


Our client is a retailer selling medical devices and accessories. Their success depends on transforming the visitors from their online marketing efforts into sales , including comparison shopping engines. Google shopping undergone an evolution from free model to profit-making model. It requires the clients to pay for traffic on Cost Per Click basis and to migrate to Google Shopping, which showcases search ads that contain product-rich information and are dealt with AdWords.

Our strategy included:

We worked closely with the clients on the set-up, accomplishment and optimization of this AdWords program to make sure their unremitting visibility and profitability on Google Shopping.

  • Based on the important product attributes necessary for tracking and monitoring product performance, we added custom fields to product feed.
  • We defined and break out the potential audience segments at the product-level for granular targeting, bid optimization and messaging in AdWords.
  • We expand the campaign in a tiered fashion, which focuses primarily on high revenue- producing products and categories.


  • The campaign reached profitability.
  • Google Shopping ads provided a 10% and 4% increase in total paid Google online sales and revenue
  • Ads in Google Shopping can be a money-making and competent way to grow e-commerce business.

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Case studies


Perfect place for search engine data feed solution. we reached 230% sales increase in google merchat centre - Gloria

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