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Improve product Title in Shopping feed

  • Sector

    Electronic Goods

  • Business Type

    Shopping cart

  • Turn Over

    < 25,000 $

  • Platform


    Services Used

  • Google Shopping

Improve product Title in Shopping feed


one of the fashion products seller in Asia, they listed the product data feed in Google shopping ads.

Previous situation:

identified the feed quality getting down, so he need solution for this issue to improve the feed quality with product title.


was a fashion product shopping cart; it has following challenges in feed product title,

  • Character count limit
  • Keywords
1. Character count limit:

For feed data character limit which was limited to 65 characteristics, so need to find the solution to full fill the product title completely in this limit. so we founded the way to handle this one using long tail keywords, identified the log tail keywords for product title and optimized with it.


When using the long tail keywords a single keyword was enough? No it required fe more keywords to optimized in the title so in 65 keywords how to optimized all the keywords. so here our team list out the odd and even keywords based on the product title. so required keywords are founded in even and which was founded too important that one moved from odd, like this way keywords was limited in that text.


  • Achieved overall CPC cost reduced from 60 cents to 20-30 cents
  • Improved CTR from 2% to 6%
  • Over all sales was improved 128% in 3 months

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Case studies


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