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How success with maketplace feed management

  • Sector

    Online Shoes

  • Business Type

    Shopping cart

  • Turn Over

    < 35,000 $

  • Platform

    Zen cart

    Services Used

  • Marketplace Feeds

How success with maketplace feed management


Our client store was big but the budding for development is lofty. Due to hard work, our client store became very fame among the market after a year with the profit that have ascended a monstrous growth of 1500%. Apart from same-day shipping and 24/7 customer support, development depends on inventory, which has afforded the company a spirited advantage.

Concerns of clients:

Due to time and resource constraints, their inventory is not in the market places and hence there is a fall in sales even though their inventory is handled by other parties. Finally, our client choose “DataFeedware” in order to manage its inventory feeds to the greatest marketplaces.

Clients’ requests:

  • Feed services should be reliable and easy.
  • 24/7 customer support with full commitment.
  • No intercession from the other mentors.
  • The product should be trouble-free and spontaneous to use.


  • We rejuvenated feeds to the marketplaces as frequent as needed to ensure that there is no overselling.
  • We custom-made the clients product set for each marketplace to meet the requirements and hence maximized the reach.
  • We harmonized the orders across multiple marketplaces directly to the clients ecommerce platform.
  • We imported the products via shopping cart platform and monitor it with timestamp and number of products imported.
  • We scheduled regular updates and the client receives the mail after renovation.
  • Feed marketplaces are updated frequently to avoid selling out-of-stock items, cancelling orders, order status and shipping information.
  • Inventory levels on clients Ecommerce platform are also automatically updated based on orders synced We validated the feed by instant alerts.
  • We mapped the products to each marketplace’s feed categorization to maximize product attributes and visibility.
  • We changed the costs, inventory levels, titles or any other attributes necessary to make products more competitive on the marketplaces.
  • We listed the products that require a master product with multiple variations (color, size, etc.) underneath in observance with the top marketplaces.
  • Improved CTR from 2% to 6%
  • Over all sales was improved 128% in 3 months


  • Finally, Our client after a year, celebrated the fruits of Marketplace feed with an astonishing upshots.
  • Client manages all marketplace data feed in a single dashboard.
  • Sales increased by 100% on weekly basis.
  • Increased Visibility by 90%.
  • All marketplace orders are combined and accessed from one location.
  • Inventory feed is managed to the top three market places.
  • Commitment is proven with full-fledged Customer support.

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