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High conversion rate with low amazon ad feeds cpc costing

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    online retailer

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    < 45,000 $

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  • Amazon Product ads

Increase Conversion at low cost with Amazon product ads


US Mattress one of the top online retailer in united states; they need to increase their market high level in online by feed marketing. They are interested to sell their high quality product with right price. But how to find the shoppers?

Previous situation:

US Mattress tried various marketing technology Display network ads, Search engine network ads and affiliate marketing. so after this big issue they look for a better solution to overcome this one.


When you moving to any other e-commerce marketing technology, we founded following challenges in this,

  • When moving to ads CPC is high
  • Need to improve the CTR to increase our conversion rate
  • Find out the right customers
  • Low cost budget

Use case:

In this particular case we analysis each one of the issue.

1. CPC:

When considering the CPC advertise, it was mainly focused into advertisements, but here US Mattress need alternative solution for this. so we remove from our option.


When considering CTR which was also belongs to ad networks, it was also rejected.

Right Customers:

How to find the right cutomers, when we considering the disply or search ad network. They will publish the ads based on the google account history, or browser cache. so here we found another way to resolve this issue, 3rd party paroduct listing sites or Comparison shopping sites which will offer the shoppers based on the category.

Low Budget:

When we moving to the CSE(comparison shopping engine or site). it have minimum monthly charges and sales cost. so when the conversion rate was increased they also getting profit.


We offered the Amazon Comparison search engine which was better for the US Mattress. Which will send the quality customers to the website with a conversion rate 180% higher than the other traffic channels. Compared to the last few years, this conversion rate was higher one. And the cost per sale also low when compared to other marketing methods.

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Case studies


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